User Guidelines

The following are the code of conduct or user guidelines which users have to follow to be part of the Traitfolio world.

          1. Upload only work that I’ve created

Share your own work on Traitfolio

  • Don’t post other’s work
  • Don’t take credit for other’s work
  • Don’t post copyrighted or trademarked content

    2. Don’t post inappropriate content

Please don’t post content that is:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic or mature in content
  • Racist, sexist or otherwise offensive
  • Shockingly graphic or obscene
  • Inflammatory

If you post inappropriate content, it may be removed by Traitfolio as per our Terms of Services. Traitfolio has final say over whether content is appropriate or not. If you repost the content that has been removed or continue to post the content that violates these guidelines, your account may be suspended or removed.

If you notice a Traitfolio member posting inappropriate content, report it to us.

      3. Don’t spam other Traitfolio members

Traitfolio provides features that allow users to interact with one-another. Please don’t use our services to spam or send unsolicited messages to other members. If you caught spamming other Traitfolio members, your account may be suspended or removed.

   4. Be constructive in my feedback

While providing criticism or feedback to other Dribble members – be helpful, not mean.