About Us

What is Traitfolio? is an online platform that creates better professional experiences for job seekers and job providers or employers. We take responsibility to connect job seekers with outstanding opportunities, giving job providers or employers access to leading talents by bringing exposure to the resumes and portfolio of the people. With Traitfolio, professionals, freshers or freelancers can showcase their work and capabilities online. They can apply for the work directly and employers or job providers can also contact directly with the persons who are capable of their work or projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to become the online platform where people can showcase their work and get projects or jobs. We promote and celebrate the work of all disciplines. Whether you are an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, web developer, photographer or even students who have skills to showcase, we urge you to join us and showcase your capabilities and talent on our platform. Our job board is designed according to the hiring needs of the companies.

Why choose Traitfolio?

Traitfolio is free, quick and easy to use. You can manage your portfolios and e-resumes on your own by just providing the details in the dashboard of your account. Traitfolio is designed to showcase your work and skills and to promote you and your work.

The Promise

We are committed to providing the online space and opportunity for the people and hiring companies to find each other. Our open and free environment welcomes all those who look forward to the opportunities. Whether you are looking for online exposures, job opportunities, start of your career or hiring talent for companies or projects. Traitfolio is the place for you.