How to write a Professional Bio?

Are you looking for how to write a Professional Bio?


Then, you are at the right place, as here we will discuss how to write a professional bio that will help to match the exact type of different industry or job that you want to get into. Also, if you are writing for your website (personal branding), it will help to engage your audience.


Your bio is the first thing that the employer will check when he/she will look at your resume. While looking at the bio, they quickly want to know;


  • Who are you?
  • What makes you different from others?
  • What benefit they will get to have you?
  • Where they can know more about you?


So basically, your bio represents the snapshot of your background, experience, and education. It describes your personality and capabilities. As your profile will be the first few sentences that the employer will see, try to be clear, brief and exact.


Now we will discuss how to write these first few sentences so that when employers look at it, they can say that this person is the exact right fit for the job that I am currently hiring and I want to bring him in for the interview or next level.


As we now know what profile section is, we will discuss how to prepare your bio:


1 – Know your audience

Identify the audience before you develop your resume. Create an overview of your professional background, experience, education, industries, etc. Then, identify the keywords that are on the job descriptions for the positions you want to apply for. After that, align the key duties, responsibilities, tasks that you have performed in your career background with those keywords.


2 – Start with a compelling first sentence

You have only 5-10 seconds to grab the attention of the employer. So, your first sentence needs to be a good one. Began it with who are you, what they can expect from you and how selecting you will help them in their business. In short, hit the nail on the head to tell them that you are the exact fit for the job that you are applying for.


3 – Include technical skills and knowledge

List all the technical skills you have or concepts that you have knowledge of or you have experience with, include them in your profile section. Even if you don’t have a hand on experience but you know those technical skills that job is asking for, incorporate them in your bio. This will increase your chances to get into the next level as you have the necessary qualifications or understanding of that particular job or industry.


4 – Include “Know more about me”

As we have discussed above that the employer wants to know more about you while reading your bio. So, include some call to action that leads them to understand more about you. In simple words, include the social media platforms you are most active on or share your website (if you have any).


5 – Wrap it up with personality

Wrap your bio with something personal. Write something that shows your personality and helps your employee relates to you.


Example of Professional Bio –


Mr A is writing for Digital Marketing Manager Position


Professional Bio


I am currently working as Digital Marketing Executive XY Company, where I coordinate with marketing, sales and creative team which includes Graphic Designers, Content Creators, and Social Media specialists to establish the more targeted advertisement campaigns and budget allocation.

I’ve worked directly with the brands to help them understand which platform is best for their advertisement, as being Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, I understand the marketing segmentation for different brands. I’m an empathetic person, who works to help others grow in their lives. 


Here include social media handles or personal websites where they can know more about you.


So, this is all you need to write a killing Professional Bio or Profile summary. Go now and write the perfect bio to get the desired job.


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